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Youve likely been linked to this knowledgebase article by our team so we can effectively add your instagram feed to the website. To do this, without knowing your login details we ask you to provide us with a username and access token that you can generate.

This guide will run you through how to provide us with a developer access token and your user so we can make the feed appear.

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and choose if it's a business or personal instagram account.

  3. Once clicking on this you may be asked to login to your facebook / instagram account which your profile is setup on. Login as normal and accept all requirements.
  4. Select the page you want to setup this for.
  5. Once complete you'll be given a user ID and a access token, like the below.

  6. Send both the User ID and Access Token to us so we can use this to setup the instagram feed on your site.

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